Do you Know You can actually Replace your Laptop Dvd/Optical Drive with SSD, How? Read it.


Yes, you read that right! You can replace the optical drive or dvd drive easily with a SSD, for the extra storage.
You will simply have to buy a caddy for that. Here’s how it can be done:

Step 1:

Turn on your laptop on and press the eject button to eject the DVD optical drive.


Step 2:

Leave the optical tray out and shut down your laptop. Now turn the laptop upside down.


Step 3:

Unscrew the screws of your laptop which holdoptical drive together and make sure you do that safely. Refer the instruction manual of your laptop if necessary.

Step 4:

Pull out the optical drive safely. Make sure you don’t damage it in anyway.

Step 5:

Remove the face plate of the optical drive very carefully. Use a screwdriver if required. Make sure you use gentle hands.


Step 6:

Attach the faceplate to the caddy. The drives will easily snap into place.


Step 7:

Remove the small metal bracket attached at the back of your DVD drive and attach it to the caddy.

Step 8:

Now, take a maximum 2.5 inch thickness and 9.5 mm height SDD. Insert this into the driver caddy. Make sure that the connectors are in first. Slide the SDD into its place.


Step 9:

Secure the SDD to the caddy from the bottom using the provided screws.


Step 10:

Reattach the caddy to the laptop using the screws which you had used to remove the driver and secure the caddy in its right place.


Voila! You are ready to go! Time to use your laptop.

Trouble shooting notes:

If your 2nd drive is not recognized, here are some things to do: Update your laptop’s BIOS to the latest update from the laptop manufacturer’s site
If you installed a new drive, you will have to format and partition the drive under Windows Disk Management.



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