Which Camera aperture is better for a mobile camera: F1.8, F2.0, or F2.2? Must Read.


There is actually an easy way to understand this most commonly asked Frequent question. I have been answering this question to quite a lot of people but still they fail to understand it.

To all of them I only end like this , Think of the Camera Aperture as your own iris present in eyes.

Ok fine this might sound really strange to you now , but yes for the sake of understanding lets do this way.

Like the iris , The Aperture is located in the Camera Lens and its so called Size which is measured in diameter is actually influenced and only Based on the diameter size , The amount of light passes through it.

The F/Value determines how much amount of light gets into the Camera lens. The smaller the F/value and the more amount of light will actually enter inside the camera lens.The bigger the F/Value and the lesser the amount of light entering the camera lens.

So by this answer it would be very clear to you that the smaller the F/value the better and more brighter photography in low light conditions with night photos and indoor photos , Nah! Don’t be fooled by that and that will be so blind to consider smaller aperture means better Photography.

We should also consider the Depth of Field too.Depth of field is also more influenced by the F/Value. A wider camera aperture like the f1.8 will create a shallower depth of field, while a narrower camera

aperture like the f2.2 will create a more deeper depth of field so in order to get the most details out of a photo you should only have to use the narrowest camera aperture. Taking a picture at f1.8 will allow for shallower Depth of Field than the f2.2 but that also doesn’t mean f1.8 is better.

Shooting a landscape is better at f2.2,but shooting a portrait at f2.2is not recommended if you want a shallow Depth of field and if you want to separate your subject from the background.

You really cannot say the winner , This is why Smartphones like iPhone 7 Plus comes with two different Apertures.
The new cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus are one “wide” angle 28mm and a “telephoto” 56mm , the 28mm camera has a f/1.8 aperture while the 56mm telephoto camera has a  f/2.8 aperture to combine the two perspectives in  achieving a shallow depth of field effect.


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