How To Disable Window 10 Update Completely : Easy Short way.


Disable Window 10 Update completely: Easy way

Window 10 is the most Network consuming window , there are lots of updates and network settings that need to be turned off,However some updates are necessary to make your window machine run Well and some updates are just add on  or adding of new features like new Window 10 Creator Update.
There is no option to turn off Windows Updates using the Control Panel or Settings app in Windows 10, as it used to be with earlier versions of Windows. But there is a workaround to disable or turn off Windows Update in Windows 10, that we’ll talk about in this post.

First, let us take a look why people may want to turn off Windows updates.

With Windows 8.1 and earlier versions, we had Windows Update giving us options to:

1.Install updates automatically (Recommended)
2.Download Updates but choose when to install them
3.Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them
4.Never check for updates (Not Recommended)
These options provided a way to defer updates until we had enough time to download and install them or to have them downloaded automatically and then install them at a time we wish. These options are not present in Windows 10 Update & Security Settings.
Microsoft has explained that it will provide updates in two distinct methods for its two distinct types of clients.

First are the home users who will not have the option to defer upgrades. The updates will download and install even if they are working on something, making the computer slow in some cases. The PC however would restart only if you are not doing anything or it would restart at the scheduled time, if you have et one. Where a reboot would be required, the user might have to save his or her work and then reboot before going back to the work he or she was doing. Of course, Windows 10 will let you defer restart, but that is not enough because a download in background might slow down your browsing in some cases.

The other ring of users are the enterprise users who will have the option to delay updates, so that they can hold it to the time when they are free. Microsoft said it will push updates to such users less frequently, so that they are faced with a minimum down time. These are the corporates and real-time users such as hospitals and ATMs etc.

Coming back to Home users and Professional users, there is not even the option to delay the updates. They will be downloaded as soon as they are available. Availability of Windows Updates for normal users means that the updates have already been tested by Windows Insiders. If you are a Windows Insider, running Windows 10 Home or Pro, you will be in first priority to receive updates. After few days of you testing the updates and if it doesn’t pose any problems, it will be released to the normal ring of users.

Thus, you are stuck. Windows 10 will keep on downloading updates as soon as they are available and will occupy your computer resources, when you may not want it too. Some of us will want to keep the automatic downloads to be stopped so that we can install the updates manually when free – when we are not working on something urgent. That is to say, some users would want the liberty and option to download and install updates when they want and not when Microsoft provides it.
Since there is no option to turn off Windows updates from Control Panel or PC Settings, here is a workaround.

Turning off Window 10 update completely?

Yes you hear it right ,All knows about turning off updates from setting Menu , but what about if we just want to make sure about it completely ? Lets Check how to do it Disabled this service Completely.


Disabling Window update Service

  • Press window Key + R  or You can right click on window icon bottom left ,open Run from there
  • A Run box will appear in bottom left
On the Microsoft Windows operating system, the Run command is used to directly open an application or document whose path is known. It functions more or less like a single-line command line interface
  • A service Tab will be open like below, this show all The services of Windows

  • Scroll Down and find window update service, Right click on it and Go to Properties



  • Here in startup type , Choose Disabled



  • Apply , Restart

Now Enjoy your window without any Data consuming Problem




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