MI MIX 2 Leaks! Best iPhone competitor, Must See!


Everyone is excited for the new MI MIX 2! We have found some leaked information on phone. The phone is going to be a real beast! The most awaited feature is the even bigger bezel less display!

Release date

MI MIX is going to be launched on 11 September only. The launch is only a few days away from today. It is going to be an exciting launch event in the University of Technology Gymnasium in capital city Beijing. The date is official and was confirmed by Xiaomi.


Bezel-Less Display

The most hyped feature of the MI MIX 2 is the bezel less display which was even bigger compared to the MI MIX launched last year. The Display will be a 6.2/6.4 inch, almost 3K Display(2960×1440) . The Quality of the screen is expected to be pretty good. Below is a leaked image of the front panel

Snapdragon 836 SoC

The Snapdragon 836 SoC is going to make MI MIX 2 a beast. You won’t be having any lag in the phone and it will be snappy and pretty fast to use. The Snapdragon 836 will be the new chip yet to be unveiled it is going to be an octa-core chip. It is going to be able to compete with the new expected A11 Cortex chip in the Upcoming iPhone 8 which will be unveiled just a day after MI MIX 2.

Dual Front and Back Camera

All the mid range and Expensive range smart phones from MI have dual camera. The MI MIX 2 will probably have Dual Front and Dual Back Camera aswell. It is expected to be pretty high quality and we are expecting robust quality.  The back camera is supposed to be a 20MP cam according to leaks.

USB Type-C port with QC 3.0 Support

According to a leaked image the MI MIX 2 is going to have USB Type-C port. MI MIX 2 Will probably have QC 3.0 Support as well.

Android 8.0 Oreo

According to leaks the phone is going to have Oreo 8.0 Version of android. Xiaomi’s only problem is that they don’t give updates to their devices properly. This time it is not the case. MI MIX 2 will also have MIUI 9 Version which is the latest. The UI is smooth and it is pretty quick. Android Oreo was recently released and it is also pretty good and better than Nougat.

Two Storage and Memory Options

There will be two storage and memory option for MI MIX 2. The first will be 128GB storage with 6GB RAM, and the other option will be 256GB storage and 8GB RAM. For android,6 GB RAM is more than enough for a no lag and smooth experience. MIUI 9 has better ram optimization so no problems in Smoothness of the phone.

4400/4500mAh Battery

MI MIX 2, According to the leaked image, is going to have a 4400mAh battery but another leak suggests that it will have a 4500mAh battery. There’s not much difference though . Since it will have QC 3.0 support, there won’t be any expected problems with the battery life. It will be enough to run the phone for a day with normal usage that includes gaming, videos and calling.

4G Volte support

In India, 4G and Volte is a must these days. It is a common feature.


Expected Price: ₹ 40,000



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