Free VPS from Github for College Students and more, Check it out.

Github is offering Free services including Free vps to college Students,Claim now with your college email or College Id and Enjoy the benefits.


How to Get Free Vps from Github offer

GitHub is offering free quirks to college students such as Free Vps from Digital ocean , Free domain from Namecheap, AWS cloud,GitKraken pro and much more!

What is GitHub?

GitHub is like a heaven for programmers. Programmers can upload and save their scripts in a secure server for free. Your Scripts can be shared to other people as well. All your data is safe there.

The Student Developer Pack

Github introduced the student developer pack so that college students who don’t have enough cash for special quirks such as vps and server,Website etc. Github will provide all the quirks a programmer will ever need for a good and stable program development.

Quirks/Services That Students will get

Please do note that for availing the services you need a valid college id.


Bitnami 1 year Business 3 pack

With the student developer pack you will get a Bitnami Business 3 pack for 1 yearthat too for free which usually costs 49$ a month! Bitnami allows you to install applications on your cloud with a single,easy click.

Crowd Flower platform

you will get access to crowd flower platform for free which is usually mind bobbling 2500$/Month! You will also be getting 50$ worker credit. Crowd flower is pretty much a neat AI that learns from you.

Digital Ocean VPS

You will be getting 100$ on your Digital ocean account for free. You can pretty much buy any vps from the site in the 100$ limit the cheapest starting from 5$/month only. That is 20 Months of free vps if you use the smallest VPS(Or droplet as they call it)

Git Kraken 1 Year Premium

Git kraken is a luxurious and the best Git Client for Windows,Mac and Linux. You will be getting premium free for 1 year worth 60$. You will be getting for commercial usage license and some extra feature.

Free Domain and SSL from Namecheap

A website is something essential for a programmer to show his progress and softwares. And Domain name is a must if you want a website. With the student developer pack github will be giving a free domain name with no hidden costs. The TLD that will be free is .me which usually costs 18.99$/Year. Want more? You will get a SSL certificate for free as well which usually costs 9$/Year. SSL displays the website as a secure website so you will get more views for sure.

Hackhands 25$ Credit

Can’t find help even on the internet for your problem? No worries hackhands will provide you live support for your problem 24/7. With the student pack you will get the service of 25$. No need to search hours to fix your problem now. Just get live support for your hacking problems. Save your time.

DataDog Pro Account for 2 years

Free 2 servers on Datadog! that too for 2 years! There are several products such as APM Dashboards and a custom API check there site to know more!

Access to Unreal Engine

Unreal engine is one of the most popular game engines for designing games. It is pretty easy to use and free access to it is a great deal. You can also design VR games in it!

Access to stripe

Integrate payment gateway to your website that you will probably make using the free Namecheap Domain. There will be know transactions fees for you on the first 1000$ processed using stripe. a great deal!

We had added all the free deals you will be getting with the student developer pack. But wait! There are more deals such as discounts and bonuses. Check em out now on Github Education @ or Click Here


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