Its Official! iPhone 8 Is Coming Very Soon, Check It Out!


Yes! Finally Apple is going to showcase the much awaited iPhone 8 to the people who are invited to their event!


The much awaited showcase/event of the iPhone 8 will be happening at Steve Jobs theater on the new Apple Park in Cupertino in USA. The park is pretty big itself in the event is going to be huge! The building is a mind bobbling structure and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit. It is a brand new structure and will also be inaugurated on the same day.

Can I come to the event?

Unfortunately apple has only given invitations to a few people and only they are allowed to be at the event. We will surely get pictures from the event. This event is very special and that is why only a few people were given invitation. The invitation according to a leak looks like this-

Bonus: Leaked iPhone features!


The iPhone 8 is supposed to have 3 variants. Including two minor “S” upgrades

Apple always releases several variants of their iPhones. The Minor S upgrades, like always will probably be Storage and ram upgrades.


A Curved, Bezel less OLED display with true tone technology and Ion X glass. And a virtual home button.

A bezel less display was long awaited and the most hyped feature. It had been a wish by fans for a long time and apple finally did it. Apple has put an Ion-X glass like always. It is not the best glass but its okay. The Virtual home button is just like Microsoft killing windows 7 start button. The fans may or may not accept the change. (The Image below is just a concept)



A facial Recognition system,Alternative to Fingerprint sensor.

Apple finally added facial recognition system to their iPhone. The Finger print sensor was the only alternative to Pins and Passwords. The new facial recognition system will be pretty fast and accurate unlike android facial recognition apps.
Wireless charging

Wireless charging has been there for a while. Apple didn’t add it to their phones even though they were pretty premium. They finally added since most of the phones in iPhone price range had Wireless charging feature.

Dual Lens Camera, In a vertical configuration.

Dual Camera is a common feature these days. iPhone 7 had dual cameras aswell. The twist this time is that the Dual Lens Camera are going to be in a vertical configuration.

Apple Pencil Support

The apple pencil was only supported by the iPad Pro. It was a downer for iPhone users. Now it will be supported by iPhone 8 as well

Stainless steel and glass body

The iPhone 8 is speculated to have a stainless steel and glass body. It will be pretty tough!

Storage and RAM options starting from 64GB and 3GB

3GB ram is a must these days. 64GB is more than enough for everyday usage. The upgraded “S” models will have better ram and storage.

Water Resistance or Water proofing

The water resistance feature will be added to the iPhone 8. There is a possibility that Water Proofing will be there which is great!

Cortex A10X or A11

iPhones are famous for being snappy and fast. The Cortex A10X or A11 will give enhanced and fast performance to the iphone.

The Price

The iPhones like always are costly. A price of 999$-1200$ is expected for the iphone. In India it will be even more.

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